On full payment settlement for goods purchased received to our bank account only then HIMEKA-BALI will release the client goods for shipment. Client’s could arrange their own Freight Forwarder to pick-up their goods or request HIMEKA-BALI  to assist on behalf to identify suitable Freight Forwarder to assist in the initial communication for their goods shipment.

There are three options available for delivering your goods.
1. Full Container Load (FCL) cost will be per container
2. Low Container Load (LCL or crated load) cost will be per cubic meter
3. Airfreight Door to Door or Airport to Airport

Note: Freight Forwarder will commence shipping delivery once the funds for the full settlement of the shipment cost have been received into the Freight Forwarders bank account. Delays in the receiving of the funds will result in the shipping deliveries being rescheduled.

The official “Bill of Lading” will be forwarded to you via courier service. (The Bill of Lading is the official documents which enables goods to be passed from the country of origin to country of destination. The Bill of Lading is also establishes the ownership of goods to the client and the original copies will only be couriered when all freight payments are settled).

Note: Although HIMEKA-BALI is willing to assist in liaising with Freight Forwarding companies however it is the sole responsibility of the Freight Forwarder which is a separate service to safely deliver your goods.


All goods purchased from HIMEKA-BALI  and leaving its compound or its loading address given by clients is not insured unless specified otherwise. It is the understanding that clients will cover and be responsible for insurance coverage of their orders, free of all risk inclusive of war – civil unrest, riots and commotion, strikes, etc. Willing delays by clients such as push-back could result in additional cost for storage for HIMEKA-BALI is not acceptable unless prior agreed. The agreed delay shall never exceed the standard transportation time from port of shipment to port of destination. HIMEKA-BALI should not be held responsible for damaged caused in transit or due to improper handling or storage.

There are two types of insurance cover available

  1. Insurance cover included in the cost of the shipping. The insurance offered by the shipping line only covers a limited liability. It covers liability in the event of the vessel or container being lost at sea or if the containers is damaged or defective resulting in damage to your goods. Full details of total liabilities can be obtained
    from the shipping line.
  2. Additional Insurance Cover
    A comprehensive insurance cover by an independent broker is available at a fixed percentage of the cost of goods.


Will be advised based on;
1. Port of departure and port of destination
2. Air or sea freight


Claims for breakages or damages can be made to the Freight Forwarding Company;
1. Please refer to your copy of the Bill of Lading for terms & conditions
2. Additional insurance cover is available please ask for further details
3. A full inventory of damaged & broken goods must be submitted to the Freight Forwarders office within seven days of receiving your shipment.
4. All damaged goods must be supported by photographic evidence which will be investigated prior replacements are agreed

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